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Review: 2018 Audi Q5 SUV fights a battle of inches
2018 Audi Q5 (Photo: Audi)
(Detroit Free Press) - In what may be a sign the luxury SUV boom is about to turn into a glut, the ★★★ 2018 Audi Q5 is all new, but feels only marginally different from last year’s model. More

Kia tops J.D. Power initial quality awards for 2nd year

(The Detroit News) - Kia once again topped J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study, marking the second consecutive year the South Korean brand beat luxury counterparts for the least problems reported by new-car owners in the first 90 days of ownership. More

Jumping too quickly at Ford buyout could prove to be a mistake

(Detroit Free Press) - David Kudla posted one of those tweets that certainly would grab your attention if you're one of more than 15,000 salaried workers at Ford staring down a buyout offer. More

Best affordable sports cars of 2017

(Detroit Free Press) - Cars are too expensive. The average transaction price of a new vehicle is in the $34,000 range, which is actually down from the all-time record of $35,309 set in December 2016, according to Kelley Blue Book. You’ll probably get more out of a new car than a year or two of college, but still, it’s a lot of money. More

Nissan Wins Over Japan With a $27,000 Hands-Free Minivan

(Bloomberg) - Yusuke Goto would have crashed his Toyota Crown five years ago if the luxury sedan hadn’t detected the 45-year-old was veering off and righted the steering wheel. So when he found similar features in the cheaper Nissan Serena minivan, it was an easy choice. More

Review: Nissan Rogue Sport is sized, priced just right

(USA TODAY) - The new 2017 Nissan Rogue Sport small sport-utility vehicle is primed to be a hit. More

How much will a Fed rate hike impact your next auto loan?

(USA TODAY) - The Federal Reserve Wednesday boosted its target fed funds rate by another 25 basis points, or 0.25%. Auto loan interest rates tend to follow the lead of the fed funds rate, so here's what that could mean for the rate's you can expect, and what that could mean to your wallet. More

Mary Barra shapes a new GM: Fast, focused and decisive

(Detroit Free Press) - Mary Barra has only been chairman and CEO of General Motors for 3½ years, but the company she leads today is vastly different from the one she inherited: more decisive, focused, responsive and responsible. More

Detroit automakers should stand with Paris climate accord

(Detroit Free Press) - U.S. automakers should — and almost certainly will — ignore President Donald  Trump’s decision to abandon the Paris climate agreement. Doing otherwise isn't just bad for life on Earth. It's bad business. More



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