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What you need to know about independent used-car lots
This June 28, 2017, photo provided by Edmunds shows the lot of a CarMax used-car "superstore," in Inglewood, Calif. Unlike most dealerships, CarMax has a no-haggle pricing policy. (Photo: Scott Jacobs, AP)
(USA TODAY) - Shoppers in search of an inexpensive used car often start with the used-car inventory at a new-car dealership. Some go straight to private-party car sellers. But those options don't suit everyone.  More

Fiat Chrysler issues 2 recalls affecting more than 1.3 million vehicles globally

(Detroit Free Press) - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has issued a pair of voluntary recalls affecting more than 1.3 million vehicles worldwide.  More

Review: New Audi Q5 has a familiar ring to it

(USA TODAY) - In what may be a sign the luxury SUV boom is about to turn into a glut, the 2018 Audi Q5 is all new, but feels only marginally different from last year’s model.  More

Three big cars get top IIHS crash rating — not Tesla

(USA TODAY) - The insurance industry's auto safety arm has added three full-size cars to its list of vehicles that have been given the highest rating for crash worthiness, but the Tesla Model S and two others didn't make the cut.  More

Tesla to build giant battery farm in Australia amid energy crisis

(Detroit Free Press) - SYDNEY — Tesla announced on Friday it will build the world's largest lithium-ion battery in southern Australia, part of a bid to solve an energy crisis that has led to ongoing blackouts across the region.  More

Chevy Cruze adds a door, and noticeable practicality

(The Detroit News) - Ford vs. Chevrolet has long been an epic American battle, with one automaker matching the other model for model. So why is it that even though Ford has offered its economy cars as hatchbacks, Chevrolet has long demurred?.  More

Honda Seeks Sedan Slump Refuge With Bigger, Sportier New Accord

(Bloomberg) - As most automakers struggle to sell sedans to increasingly SUV-enamored Americans, Honda Motor Co. has managed to keep car buyers more interested than most. A fresh redesign now could even give its Accord a boost..  More

Feds probe auto parts that may cause gas leaks

(The Detroit News) - U.S. safety regulators and automakers are trying to track down gas tank flanges that can crack and cause fuel leaks on what could be millions of cars and trucks.  More

Volvo plans to electrify all of its cars. Are the days of the combustion engine numbered?

(Los Angeles Times) - When people think of Volvo, they tend to think of safety. For decades, that’s how the once-Swedish company advertised its cars.  More



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