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Some early owners of Tesla's Model 3 are reporting quality problems. Do buyers care?
Vehicle assembly at the Tesla production facility in Fremont, Calif. (Tesla)
(Los Angeles Times) - Mark Schey of Morristown, N.J., stepped into his garage a few mornings ago eager to hop inside his shiny new car — the much desired and currently rare Tesla Model 3 electric sedan. The one with the 15-inch touchscreen on the bare-bones dash.. More

Drivers seem to be getting ready for robotic cars

(The Detroit News) - Twice a day on my travels around suburban Detroit, I notice that cars waiting at stop lights delay movement after the lights turn green. It’s not a long pause, but the seconds add up as drivers put down their smartphones or disengage their focus enough from a hands-free voice connection to actually start driving. More

Lexus leads but Buick beats Toyota in J.D. Power dependability study

(Detroit Free Press) - Buick is keeping company with Lexus and Porsche. The three brands have the most dependable vehicles in the United States, according to J.D. Power. More

Air bag danger: Ford, Mazda add to do-not-drive list

(The Detroit News) - Ford and Mazda are adding more than 35,000 pickup trucks in North America to a list of vehicles that should not be driven because they have Takata air bag inflators with a high risk of exploding. More

BMW factory in S.C. needs more robot fixers

(USA TODAY) - GREENVILLE, S.C. -- BMW needs more humans to take care of its robots. More

New Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan gets horsepower, more self-driving prowess

(USA TODAY) - Mercedes-Benz's top-selling model worldwide, the C-Class compact sedan, is getting an update that will add more power and automated driver safety systems. More

Blowout: The Old GM resurfaces in a bad decision about tires for Buick Regal TourX

(Detroit Free Press) - Thirty days out of the month, I believe today’s General Motors is totally different from the past. More customer-focused, more responsive, simply better than the company that for a generation sold vehicles its engineers knew could and should be better. More

Jaguar plans to reboot its Classic D-Type sports car

(Los Angeles Times) - Production has begun on the Jaguar Classic D-Type, a continuation of the race-winning sports car that the English company stopped producing in 1956. More

Mitsubishi issues recalls for loose sunroofs, brakes

(The Detroit News) - Detroit – Mitsubishi is recalling nearly 227,000 vehicles in the U.S. to fix glass sunroofs that can fly off and parking brakes that may not work. More



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