"Late Breaking Auto Industry News"
October 2017


4 vehicles American car buyers loved in September

(USA TODAY) - Several vehicles found a welcome audience among American car buyers in September, as automakers reported strong sales gains for the month.. More

2018 VW Atlas: Finally, a full-size Volkswagen SUV

(Los Angeles Times) - Volkswagen’s Atlas was one of the darlings of last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. The German company was then in the midst of a scandal involving falsified emissions claims on its diesel engines. The Atlas seemed like a bright spot on the horizon. More

Goldman Sachs downgrades GM, stock falls

(The Detroit News) - General Motors Co. closed down Monday following several months of steady growth after the equity research team at Goldman Sachs downgraded the stock from “neutral” to “sell.”. More

Audi Sees Electric-Car Onslaught Winning More U.S. Market Share

(Bloomberg) - Audi’s U.S. chief said he expects the luxury brand to gain more market share in the U.S. with its onslaught of electric and hybrid models in the next eight years. More

BMW offices get ‘inspection’ in collusion probe

(The Detroit News) - Frankfurt, Germany — BMW said Friday that European Commission staff conducted an “inspection” at company offices in Munich earlier this week in connection with news media allegations that German carmakers colluded on technology including diesel emission controls. More

Consumer Reports rejects Tesla's criticism of its ratings

(USA TODAY) - Consumer Reports is pushing back against electric car maker Tesla over its mixed evaluation of its vehicles in its latest reliability report. More

Volvo reveals compact XC40 SUV months before it goes on sale

(Detroit Free Press) - Volvo has provided an unusual amount of detail on its rakish XC40 compact SUV six months or more before it goes on sale in the U.S. More

Hard times? GM and Fiat Chrysler reveal solid 3Q profits

(Detroit Free Press) - One of the goals of General Motors' and Chrysler's 2009 bankruptcies was to make them lean enough to stay profitable during the bad times as well as the good. More

Australian car making to end soon with GM plant closing

(The Detroit News) - Canberra, Australia — The Australian auto manufacturing era is about to end after more than 90 years when General Motors Co.’s last Holden sedan rolls off the production line in the industrial city of Adelaide on Friday. More

Ford teases fastest ever Mustang GT coming for 2018

(Detroit Free Press) - As the weather cools and drivers put away their summer tires and dreams of muscle car glory, Ford and Michelin provide cause for hope: The fastest ever Mustang GT is coming for 2018, thanks to a quick-shifting new transmission and sticky performance tires. More

Sport-utility revolution elevates Buick and GMC

(The Detroit News) - The sport-utility revolution has transformed the automotive landscape in the last eight years from cars to high-riding SUVs. More

Tesla Partners With Liberty Mutual for Customized Insurance Plan

(Bloomberg) - Tesla Inc. is partnering with Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. to offer an auto-insurance plan designed specifically for its electric cars in the U.S. More

Why does a dealership charge more for the same car? Dealer group chair has an answer

(Detroit Free Press) - If you’ve wondered why the prices for similar cars at different dealerships are sometimes far apart, the head of a national trade group for auto dealers can offer one explanation. More

Trump threatens to terminate NAFTA

(The Detroit News) - Washington — President Donald Trump is threatening to blow up the North American Free Trade Agreement as negotiators from the United States, Canada and Mexico gather in Washington for a fourth round of talks. More

Hyundai: Don't like your car? Take it back.

(USA TODAY) - Forget a test drive. How about a test buy?
Hyundai announced Tuesday that it would allow U.S. shoppers to return their vehicles within three days if they’re not happy with their purchase. More

GM challenges Tesla, buys self-driving tech company

(USA TODAY) - General Motors is teaming up with a California tech company in the race to dominate the self-driving car market. More

Auto supplier Denso to invest $1B in Tennessee plant making electric vehicle components

(Detroit Free Press) - NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Automotive supplier Denso announced plans Friday to invest $1 billion and create more than 1,000 new jobs in its main Tennessee facility to meet growing demand for electric vehicle parts. More

GM Stock Rises as $30 Billion Business Emerges From Tech Bet

(Bloomberg) - A surprising theory is fueling a long-awaited breakthrough for General Motors Co. shares: that the stuffy century-old automaker may have some technology chops, after all. More

September was best auto sales month of the year

(The Detroit News) - September was the best month of the year so far for U.S. auto sales as car manufacturers reversed a year-long downward trend and rebounded from hurricanes that put a damper on sales in multiple major markets. More

Nissan recalls 1.2 million Japan vehicles for re-inspections

(USA TODAY) - TOKYO — Nissan is recalling 1.2 million vehicles in Japan that were produced between October 2014 and September this year to re-inspect them because they had not gone through the proper final checks. More



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